PianoStairs / Piano Stairs

A musical stairs. Taking the stairs becomes fun!

Buy or rent a piano stairs.

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You have the option to take the stairs or the escalator, but the stairs plays piano music when you take it! What do you choose to do?

AUDIOEYE creates and develops innovative audiovisual concepts. Together with VDW Technology Software, a unique eye-catcher was created:
the PianoStairs (or piano stairs).

“Physical activity becomes fun!”

Music makes you move

The PianoStairs stimulates your visitors, employees and yourself to move more. Your stairs will be transformed into a true eye-catcher to start your day off happy! In the scale-mode, the piano stairs will play a unique tone for each step. The music-mode will immerse you in a full-blown music piece every step of the way! The music can be programmed yourself.

Whether you’re looking for a temporary (hire) or permanent (buy) PianoStairs, you’ve come to the right supplier. And if you’re thinking of having a PianoFloor, we have that too.



Invisibility that stands out

Here you can buy or rent a PianoStairs that is virtually invisible when installed on your current, existing stairs. Due to our custom-made PianoStairs Frame, the Piano module blends into the surroundings. But when you would love it to stand out, we can give it another colour or print as well! We will measure your current stairs and develop it to perfectly fit your stairs.

  • + A true eye-catcher
  • + Virtually invisible components
  • + Perfect fit

Remote control

The PianoStairs contains various functions that can be remotely controlled via a web-app. Things you can control are, among others: musical instrument selection, volume, songs, automatic time slots, etcetera.

  • + Online remote control
  • + Extensive range of functions
  • + Custom-made functions possible


Quality components

We use high quality components to build your piano stairs. The PianoStairs Frame is made of powdercoated steel, the sensors are high quality, the mini-computer is manually programmed, and the audio system is made in Germany.

  • + High quality components
  • + Custom made for your situation
  • + Carefully installed

Download our whitepaper

The PianoStairs / PianoFloor will offer you and your business new opportunities. It will transform your prominent stairs into a unique eye-catcher that’ll clearly convey your message, whether that would be the importance of culture or the essence of physical activity.

In this whitepaper, we will explore the possibilities for businesses. AUDIOEYE is a pioneer in building this unique product and has an extensive experience, and we happily share our knowledge with you through this whitepaper. We will cover definitions, various techniques, and the opportunities that the PianoStairs has to offer.

Dedicated team

Our team consists of eight audio-, elektro- and IT-technicians with a background at several universities, such as the Technical University Eindhoven (TU/e). The PianoStairs is a collaborative project with VDW Technology Software. The computer is manually programmed by our talented coders, while all products are carefully prepared by our experienced mechanics.

  • + Experiences coders
  • + Reliable team
  • + Extensive preparation


Personal montage

Our mechanics will personally install your new PianoStairs. Due to their extensive experience, they know exactly what to do, and they have close links with the VDW Technology coders. A common lead time from order to delivery is about 6 weeks, but in certain situation we can be even quicker than that.

  • + Quick lead time
  • + Carefully installed


See our beautiful PianoStairs in video. Click the play-icon below.

The PianoStairs produces beautiful sound. Listen to a sample of our PianoStairs: the original Steinway & Sons Model B Grand Piano. Click the Play-icon below.

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The PianoStairs / PianoTrap is a VDW Technology product.